AutoResponder for WhatsApp MOD APK 3.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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Name AutoResponder for WhatsApp MOD APK
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher AutoResponder
Category Communication
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 3.0.0
Size 11M
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

AutoResponder for WhatsApp MOD APK is an application that supports automatic message replies on WhatsApp. It will be useful to help you not to miss any chats, reply to messages with lightning speed, and even set a timer to send messages. You’re too busy, aren’t you? So let this app lend you a hand.

Table Of Contents
  1. autoresponder for whatsapp auto reply to messages
  2. a useful tool for busy people
  3. set time and rules for sending messages
  4. clean interface easy to use
  5. how to install autoresponder for whatsapp
  6. download autoresponder for whatsapp mod apk for android
  7. pre timer for auto reply
  8. introduce about autoresponder for whatsapp
  9. auto reply with preset customizations

AutoResponder for WhatsApp – Auto reply to messages

As you know, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on phones today. Tens of millions of people use it for study, entertainment, work, and connection purposes. However, if you are too busy to reply to messages on this application, then let AutoResponder for WhatsApp do it for you. What is it? It is a tool that supports automatic replies to messages with specific rules. Users can use built-in rules or create their own rules for different types of messages. It’s simple, just a few taps to not miss any messages from your friends.

The app is free for any phone installation. It is a product of the publisher and has now reached more than 1 million installs on Google Play. It is built based on modern and flexible AI algorithms for the best user support. Moreover, it is committed to high accuracy and security. User information is absolutely guaranteed, including contacts, message content, delivery time, and everything. Because of that, it is loved and trusted by many people. So maybe you need it too.

A useful tool for busy people

Not everyone is so busy that they ignore text messages from friends. But in some special situations, such as while driving, working, out or in an important meeting, you won’t have time to view and reply to messages. That’s when you need AutoResponder for WhatsApp. Right from the name, this application tells you its use. Yes, it is a WhatsApp-specific autoresponder.

It’s like a bot that can help identify messages and respond without you touching them. Thanks to that, it can take care of communication for busy people. Just have it on your phone, you’re always active to reply to messages from any WhatsApp contact. Besides, the message not only includes text but also can attach icons, stickers, making the conversation natural.

Set time and rules for sending messages

The application bot will operate according to specific rules. The application has already set up rules for bots to work, but they seem to be quite rudimentary. These rules will consist of two parts, Receive and Send. In which, Receive is the part of the message from others sent to you, and Send is what the bot will help you send to the opponent. Both are built around the most common types of messaging. Such as:

  • Receive: “Hey”
  • Send: “Hi, how are you?”


  • Receive: “thanks”
  • Send: “You’re welcome!”

You see, it’s pretty rough and standard, isn’t it? But users have the right to customize these rules to make them more natural. Just touch the available rules and edit the message content. Users can also add or remove rules to help the bot behave according to their wishes and messaging habits.

In addition, users can set the date and time to send messages. For example, you want to send wishes to your friends on the new year, Christmas, birthday, wedding party and more. Sometimes being busy at work can make you forget these important dates, but once set up, AutoResponder for WhatsApp bot will always send on time. Therefore, there are no barriers to reducing the connection between users and those around them.

Clean interface, easy to use

This app is built for all users on WhatsApp. Therefore, it wants everyone to easily use it for many different purposes. The interface of the application looks very simple and intuitive. The features are all displayed on the main screen, the manipulation of customizing the message rules and setting the time is very convenient. All in all, it only takes a few basic steps to capture everything in AutoResponder for WhatsApp. Anyone can easily access and use it anytime, anywhere on the phone.

How to install AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Step 1: Access, search for the keyword “AutoResponder for WhatsApp”, download the MOD or APK version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Tap Install.

Step 3: The icon of the application will appear with the words “AutoResponder for WhatsApp by MODDED-1.COM”. Then go to the application and enjoy it according to your needs right away.

Download AutoResponder for WhatsApp MOD APK for Android

AutoResponder for WhatsApp will be a useful friend to support users to reply to messages automatically. Users can customize it to their liking so that the automated messages look like actual replies. With it in hand, you’ll never miss a conversation. Let the connection always be seamless even when you are away and have your phone at hand. Also, set up special messages to send friends on special occasions.

Attention, if this app doesn’t work with your WhatsApp, please update WhatsApp to the latest version. And please note that this is not an application affiliated with WhatsApp, which is not a trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

Pre-timer for auto-reply

Sometimes, according to a preset plan, you can prepare an auto-reply message for that preset day. At that time, if you have an automatic messaging timer application, it will be very useful. You set up a rule, compose a sample automatic message, then select the applicable date and time, specify the phone numbers you want to apply this new rule. Then save it. On the right day, this application automatically comes into work.

Like any message, the structure and content of the auto message are the same. You can compose text, add emoji stickers for fun or maintain a professional style for work. In my opinion, composing your own messages is always better than the sample messages available in the application. You can express exactly what you want to send and bring a friendly feeling to the other person even when it is an auto-reply message.

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Introduce about AutoResponder for WhatsApp

The Auto-reply app to messages on WhatsApp and WA Business

When do you need an auto-reply app?
Sometimes you may have so many messages in the day that you cannot answer, or you are too busy to manage all the messages at a certain time. All of these situations require an app that supports Auto-Reply Texting, like AutoResponder for WhatsApp.

First, to clarify, AutoResponder for WhatsApp is a standalone application, not related to WhatsApp and not part of WhatsApp. This is an accompanying app to make the process of messaging on WhatsApp more comfortable and easier when you encounter any of the above situations.

According to the developer’s recommendation, if AutoResponder for WhatsApp does not work with the current WhatsApp, it may be because the WhatsApp you are using is not up to date. Just update WhatsApp to the latest version and try again.

Auto-reply with preset customizations

The app’s main feature is an automatic reply to messages on WhatsApp or WA Business. There are two ways for you to choose:

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