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Name Elevate MOD APK
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher ApkMod
Category Education
MOD Features Communication
Version 5.75.0
Size 70MB
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

To develop the Elevate MOD APK, the developer includes numerous games that players can apply to their real-life such as Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Math. Each of these skills is called Eloquence or Brevity. Usually, the exercise in other games may ask you to choose the best synonyms in a list. This seems to be helpful for people whose minds go blank sometimes. But, in one exercise of Elevate Mod Apk, you have to type them instead of selecting. There are also some highly practical exercises, including common spelling and grammar errors tests or sum estimation. Besides, you can check your listening skill through several audio passages. The game will become more challenging when you play it more. The game is also empirical when being invented with the Study Material feature, which requires you to unlock. This feature possesses many exciting skills that will be revealed in the following part. Additionally, Elevate Mod Apk Pro users can access unlimitedly to games, plays as well as analysis on their performance. Let’s start to find out more detail about this game!

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  3. design
  4. price
  5. general evaluation
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Elevate Mod Apk Features

The Games

As mentioned above, the Elevate Mod Apk app focuses on improving your communication skills and helping you to process information more easily. Therefore, the games comprise some exercises such as reading comprehension, vocabulary improvement, listening, or looking up for grammatical errors. From that point, this app approaches players in multiple ways to help and instruct them on how to read, listen, speak, and write inappropriately. To be specific, every Elevate Mod Apk game will not rely on shapes or patterns but written or spoken text. You have to read a short paragraph or a sentence, then you look for errors or develop your grammar knowledge. Some other games may ask you to listen or read several informative passages before you are tested on information from the text. You may find that these games are similar to your exercises in English classes. Some users may think to Elevate Mod Apk an adult feel rather than other brain training apps as the games focus less on colorful illustrations and take a serious approach. However, they are indeed funnier, more interesting, and challenging than those you have done in schools.


Elevate Mod Apk is evaluated as colorful and loud. In particular, this app has a variety of moving cartoon-like objects. You can see some nesting dolls, a spaceship, or a flock of birds, which are used to display your progress. Thanks to these features, users see Elevate Mod Apk as a regular mobile game in lieu of an educational tool. Generally, the design of the Elevate Mod Apk is more whimsical. The menu of Elevate Mod Apk is also user-friendly as you can easily track your progress in the app. You will see your performance score after each game you play. Some users think that these scores are very meaningless, but it does help you to keep track of your progress by comparing your current scores to previous sessions and other users’ scores. Besides, your own performance is also monitored through a dedicated interface, which adds more nice incentives to continue working out and practicing using the app. That is how you can try to enhance your overall progress. The app itself operates effectively and skillfully as it instructs users gradually from task to task. Games are animated nicely and well-designed. So, you do not need to be an Android expert to use this app as everything is accessible.


Regarding cost, this app is relatively reasonable. You can play Elevate Mod Apk for free in 14 days before it requires you to pay for a subscription. More specifically, it costs 5 dollars per month and 45 dollars per year for the premium membership. When becoming a premium member, you can play three games as your daily training sessions and eight extra games with 24 total titles, which you can play anytime you want.

General Evaluation

When first playing Elevate Mod Apk, you have a free trial for 14 days. After that, the app will assess your cognitive abilities initially. The assessed areas are memory, focus, processing, precision, comprehension, and math. When the app has enough information about your ability, it then generates a tailored training program for you. As you can guess, this program includes many games that you can play during the day. However, these games are very meaningful and helpful as they are designed to develop a different aspect of your cognition. As they are all relied on extensive research from the cognitive learning and sectors of neuroscience, they are reliable and worth your time. Moreover, users can opt for following Elevate Mod Apk’s training program or selecting particular games to practice on their own. The app has a huge number of different brain training exercises. This seems to be the most significant factor contributing to the high rate of Elevate Mod Apk from many users. By these offers, users will not be fed up with their training due to an adequate level of variance.

The Bottom Lines

Briefly, Elevate Mod Apk Pro APK is a useful brain training app with short and sweet games. The games are entertaining enough for users to exercise their brains no matter when you are. Also, Elevate Mod Apk is different from other brain training available in the store. If you like a tricky puzzle game such as Brain Test, you might find Elevate Mod Apk a little bit boring. However, each app has its own benefit. As mentioned above, the app accommodates you with a daily, weekly, or even monthly rundown of your performance. And the option of ranking and comparing your score with Google Play the performance of other users in a similar age group can give you a rise in your progression.

Key Features

  • Increase your cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, processing speed, arithmetic accuracy, precision, and understanding by playing 40+ brain training games.
  • Track your own and other people’s progress in terms of performance. Once a week, you will get a report that highlights your most significant successes and potential prospects.
  • You may tailor the emphasis of your daily workouts to concentrate on the abilities you need to improve the most, and you can pick between three and five games to play.
  • In order to guarantee that your experience stays demanding, you should train your brain with workouts that get more difficult as you go.
  • Start a fitness streak and keep yourself motivated with over 150+ achievements to earn as you practice.


  • Lots of refinement and polish
  • Tailor-made brain training
  • The perfect length of time for daily training
  • Fun training and valuable skills


  • No glossary for a new vocabulary or learned vocabulary
  • No deadlines for levels/scores


Is Elevate Mod Apk Legit?

The answer is YES. The developer uses their NLP machine learning process to check the legitimacy of this app from their users, and they jump to the conclusion that this app is legitimate. Besides, according to Justuseapp Legitimacy Score, Elevate Mod Apk gets a score of 90 out of 100.

Is Elevate Mod Apk Safe To Use?

It is very safe when using elevates Mod Apk. There are about more than 200 thousand reviews based on Natural Language Processing, which rate 5/5 for the safety of this app. Furthermore, the Justuseapp Safety Score of Elevate Mod Apk is 100 out of 100.

What Should I Do If The Elevate  Mod Apk Does Not Work?

Elevate Mod Apk usually works most of the time. However, in case it is not working on your device, you can try to uninstall it for a while and download it again. You should be patient if it still does not work. The final solution is to connect to the app support or call to contact support.

Who Can Play Elevate Mod Apk?

The program of Elevate focuses mainly on communication. Users will be challenged to improve their grammar and writing, broaden their vocabularies, and improve their attention and memory. Therefore, it seems to be not the right app for those who do not feel confident in their English language or cope with spelling and grammar.

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