Firefox Browser MOD APK v107.2.0 (Fast Browser, No Ads)

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Name Firefox Browser
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher Mozilla
Category Communication
MOD Features Lite/No ads
Version 107.2.0
Size 71MB
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

Updated Review for Firefox Browser MOD APK v107.2.0: There are still several issues with apps in the Marketplace not updating correctly, but as far as we can tell this is due to reasons that will always exist the need for developers to continue supporting legacy versions of Android to make sure their applications work on devices running older versions, such as Android 1.5 and Android 1.6 and also check out Chrome Mod Apk.

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  2. features of firefox apk
  3. set firefox as your default browser
  4. search suggestions
  5. gesture support
  6. firefox
  7. some more features
  8. how to download and install firefox apk on android
  9. firefox apk faqs
  10. what is firefox apk
  11. can i download the firefox app for free
  12. how do i get firefox free
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  14. faqs

We continue to see excellent support from APP Mobile Developers and are happy with Mozilla’s responsiveness in quickly fixing bugs when they arise. The latest update includes a major new feature called Web Apps which significantly improves the ability of Firefox users to find free apps across multiple search engines including Yahoo, Google, and Bing via an easy-to-use interface.

We like this new feature and believe it will help Firefox Mobile users to discover more apps that offer a better experience than built-in Android or iPhone versions of the same app or game. We also liked that Mozilla has been paying attention to our concerns regarding the total number of apps visible in search results – when we last updated our test, we found only 4,500 apps available (as compared with over 10,000 for Android 1.6).

After significant changes to their search engine algorithm and the addition of thousands of new app entries, there are now well over 6 thousand web apps available using the latest version of Firefox Mobile OS v2.0. We have also updated our Firefox Mobile OS Review for the latest version of this great mobile browser and operating system.

What is Firefox APK

Firefox APK is a powerful and lightweight web browser that allows you to access your favorite websites quickly. The intuitive layout makes it easy to use, while the clean interface keeps everything simple. If you have been using Safari or Chrome on your Android device, then Firefo…

What is a powerful and lightweight web browser that allows you to access all your favorite websites easily? Cover Fire Mod Apk The intuitive layout makes it easy to use, while the clean interface keeps everything simple. If you have been using Safari or Chrome on your Android device, then Firefox.

We are happy to report the new desktop client from Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox Aurora (version 10). Not to be confused with App Aurora it is a different, standalone client which can eventually replace Nightly Builds as the new bleeding-edge Firefox version for testing experimental features. You can check it out here.

Features of Firefox APK

Toolbar Buttons, Bookmarks & Navigation Firefox APK for Android offers a standard toolbar with several buttons to quickly access valuable features. You can also customize the toolbar by removing or rearranging buttons. There is a dedicated bookmarks button that displays your bookmarks and history. Tapping on an entry from either list will take you directly.

Set Firefox as your default browser

You can set App as your default browser on Android to open links from other apps, the web, or SMS messages with a single tap.

Search suggestions

Firefox for Android now offers search suggestions while typing in the address bar making it super easy to find what you are looking for. Just start typing and select the suggestion that matches your query.

Gesture Support

Optional new gesture support lets you go back, forward, and reload the page by swiping horizontally across the screen.


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Some More Features

  • fast, private & safe web browser.
  • With a clean and easy-to-use design, the latest Firefox for Android is streamlined to help you get everything done on the go.
  • Advanced Sync
  • With Firefox for Android, you can easily sync your history, bookmarks, tabs, and passwords across all your devices.
  • Just opt into Sync and Firefox will take care of the rest.
  • Integrated Search
  • and Highlights
  • Firefox lets you search and share straight from your homepage, whether looking for local restaurants or the latest news.

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How to Download and Install Firefox APK on Android

Do you want to download and install Firefox APK on your Android device? This blog post will show you how. Firefox is a great browser that can be used for browsing the internet, checking email, or playing games. With its fast speed and sleek design, it’s hard to find anything wrong with it! Downloading this app is super easy so keep reading if you’re interested in downloading Firefox today.

Step 1: Click here to go directly to the download page.

Step 2: Scroll down, find the Get Firefox link and get your copy of this excellent browser app! Remember that it’s always good practice to get apps from trustworthy providers like rather than other less safe sources, even though it may take a little longer to get the latest Firefox APK.

Step 3: Firefox is now installed on your Android device and you can fire up the app as soon as you complete step 2.

Firefox Apk FAQs

Answering the most common questions about App new Android app. Firefox APK just launched a fresh new, web-based version of their popular browser for Android phones.

What is Firefox APK?

Firefox APK is the official app provided by Mozilla for Android phones. It’s a free, fast, and customizable web browser.

Can I download the Firefox app for free?

Yes! this app is free on Google Play Store with limited features. If you want to unlock all the features you can install them from Mozilla’s site.

Can I get Firefox free on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes! Firefox is also available for iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, and iPods.

Can I get Mozilla Firefox on my Amazon Fire?

No, you can’t download Firefox for Fire TV or Kindle Fire.

How do I get Firefox free?

If you don’t own a device with an Android operating system, you can still download Firefox for your PC.


Firefox APK for Android sets a new standard for mobile web browsing with its clean elegant interface, power-saving mode, and robust sync features. If you’ve been a die-hard Chrome or Safari fan for the longest time, now may be the best time to switch to Firefox and experience what a true mobile browser should feel like. Enjoy adding more tabs, watching videos in HD mode, and doing all sorts of cool stuff with this awesome app.!


Q. How to start Firefox Browser in Safe Mode?

To open Safe Mode simply open the menu and click on the help button then click on restart with add-ons disabled a dialog with permission to start in safe mode will appear so click and Firefox will enter Safe Mode.

Q. What does Private Browsing on Firefox Browser does not save?

The private browsing feature does not save users’ visited pages, form and search bar entries, download list entries, cookies as well as cached web content, offline web content and their data.

Q. How to exit Firefox Browser Safe Mode?

To exit the safe mode simply click on the browsers menu and then select the exit button there and again start Firefox Browser, the safe mode will end.

Q. Firefox Browser hangs when downloading files or saving photos?

If you download history has grown too long then it may cause the issue so simply clear your download history or select a different folder to save your downloaded files into.

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