Gardenscapes MOD APK v6.6.2 (Unlimited Coins, Stars)

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Name Gardenscapes MOD APK
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher Playrix
Category Casual
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 6.6.2
Size 139M
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

Gardenscapes MOD APK will transport you to a garden that was once a great family pride, but now it is hidden under many different layers. If you are a person with a passion for gardening and want to find a famous family garden in the past, this will be the best opportunity. Coming to the game, you will be started with attractive match-3 puzzles along with other exciting challenges. Find out how to solve puzzles and get valuable rewards.

Table Of Contents
  1. introducing gardenscapes
  2. new story with games of the same genre
  3. incredible generation with excellent challenges
  4. unique graphic design will give you a new experience
  5. key features
  6. help austin clean his house
  7. a long game
  8. mod apk version of gardenscapes mod apk

Introducing Gardenscapes

When people feel tired, they often want to be in harmony with nature. Everyone is the same. Outback lands, farmhouses, and lush green gardens are always the first places people think of when they face the pressure of life and want to get rid of them. Everyone wants to take care of the plants themselves and enjoy the fresh air.

And me too. When it comes to pressure, I do not have the ability to go far, so I usually choose for myself to care for a virtual garden through mobile games. These games help me relax and love life, help me eliminate the fatigue of myself. There are games that are born to be famous (maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months), there are games born to survive. Popular games often make us remember, but we often choose durable games for individual needs. Here, when it comes to gardening games, Gardenscapes (MOD Unlimited Coins) is such a persistent and vigorous game.

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while, recently I was a bit stuck in the subject and emotionally, sitting open the game to reduce a headache so the old feelings rushed, now dare to sit typing.


Gardenscapes MOD APK is considered one of the games that have received success and positive reviews from players. But to be able to create success like now, one of the first things that impress people is the impression of the plot. Instead of owning a property similar to other games of the same type of match-3 puzzles, this game chooses a different path, and the story is told with a new color.

Coming to this game, you will be playing the role of a unique character, and your task will be to remodel the garden behind your house. You may have heard that this is a highly famous garden in the region with a large area and beautiful trees, flowers, and leaves. But after many recent years, the garden has not been cared for as well as before, and its glorious memories have gradually faded into oblivion. Now, you are a person with a great responsibility to find ways to overcome difficulties to be able to restore the garden.


At first, you will feel that restoring the heyday of a hugely popular garden will be very difficult. But fortunately, the work of restoring the garden back to the way it was before will not be too difficult. Simply think, you won’t need to restore the garden to the way it was initially. Instead, you will be the one to rescue it, based on the available foundation, and you will be the one to replace this beautiful garden with a new shirt.

To be able to do that, what you need to do is not as hard as replanting the garden but solving match-3 puzzles. In turn, different small areas of the garden will be remodeled through the times you complete exciting puzzles. But it would help if you were not subjective with this game genre; although the way to solve puzzles will be quite familiar to everyone, some puzzles will make it difficult for you. Let’s get started, focus on the work, and overcome the assigned challenges.


Besides owning an exciting storyline and gameplay, you will also experience great graphics in the game. Considered one of the plus points, the game’s graphics also bring a lot of new and unique feel that you have never experienced. The game owns an outstanding graphics quality with highly high sharpness and content transmission capabilities.

Along with that, the design style of the game also promises to bring new fun to players who log in for the first time. The game has a cute and highly diverse style. Coming to the game, you will meet and interact with many different special characters closely related to your garden. Moreover, when you start restoring the garden, you will meet adorable pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc… They will be a great source of encouragement for you to keep trying. Try to finish the job of restoring your beautiful garden.

Are you looking for a game of the match-3 puzzles genre but with a new cute style? Welcome to Gardenscapes MOD APK, an abandoned garden is undergoing restoration. Coming to the game, you will be able to unleash your passion for gardening, overcome challenges, meet cute animals, and much more. Let’s start the game and join an exciting garden!


  • A fascinating plot may be enjoyed while you enjoy the unique gameplay of swapping and matching items, restoring and decorating the garden, and more.
  • Hundreds of unique match-3 levels
  • There are dozens of playable characters in the game that you may form relationships with.
  • A sweet animal companion who is always there to make you smile.
  • An in-game social network that allows you to stay up with all the newest news and information.
  • There are several distinct places inside the garden, each with its own one-of-a-kind construction, such as broken fountains, strange mazes, and many more.
  • A community that is prioritized; move in with your pals from Facebook and make some new acquaintances!

Help Austin clean his house.

Where you live is a large city, crowded streets and traffic never seem to stop. You start dreaming of planting trees in a large space outside your narrow window. And until one day, you receive a letter from Mr. Austin, the housekeeper of your uncle’s family …

He has been abroad for quite a long time, and his home in the countryside has a vast garden that has long been unoccupied. Knowing you love gardening, your uncle asked the Austin housekeeper to send you invitations to take care of his garden. So you take care of it. But he also went a long time, nobody care garden so it should be ruined, perhaps you will have to do from scratch again. But do not worry, Mr. Austin will helping you.

A long game

With more than 200 challenging scenes, Gardenscapes is really long to play all this. In addition, new game modes are also updated through the updates, ensuring that Gardenscapes is always fresh and durable.

If there is anything that needs to be discussed about this game, then probably the most expensive items in the game is worth mentioning. Personally, I find it very unprofitable to price a set, for example, a set of 3 shovels cost 1,900 coins, whereas, for 5 extra moves, you lose 900 coins. On the other hand, you only earn 50 to 70 cents for each level. That is, you will have to pass 12 new levels of play to get 5 extra moves at the end of a level.

MOD APK version of Gardenscapes MOD APK

MOD Feature

If you find the game difficult enough and want it to be easier then please download and use the MOD version. The MOD version will give you unlimited stars in the game so you can comfortably decorate the garden.

Specifically, you can use stars to rebuild your mansion, even if the number of stars is negative.

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