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Name Granny Mod Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher Modapk
Category Arcade
MOD Features Frozen Enemies
Version 1.8
Size 99.9MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4+

Granny Mod Apk If you are a lover of horror content, then we have a great horror game for you whose name is granny which is a very popular game on the internet. Millions of people are playing this horror game which is why it has great reviews and ratings everywhere on this internet. In this game you have to be very active because you will be in a haunted house.

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  3. collect keys
  4. escape house
  5. find clues
  6. shoot granny
  7. horror sounds
  8. immortal
  9. ads free version
  10. conclusion
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You have to escape the haunted house before time otherwise you will be locked there forever with creepy granny. In order to escape the house, you have to find multiple items which will help you to unlock different doors and objects which is very important. You need to find different clues in this game because they will lead you on the right path.

Granny Mod Apk game has a very simple user interface so you will never face any problem because everything is easy to understand in this game. This game is well optimized. That’s why you will get a good lag free experience from this game. Now let’s have a look at the granny game features.

What is Granny APK?

Granny Mod Apk is a horror game in which you have to escape her house quietly because she is always in the search. That’s why you have to be careful while finding clues. This is the basic standard version of a granny game which you can download for free so you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. This game has no premium features of items which means you don’t need money for anything because you will get full access over everything.

What is Granny Mod APK Download?

This is the mod apk version of the Granny Mod Apk game which is available on our website and in this version you will get interesting features that you will never get in the standard version. You don’t have to wait for anything while playing Granny in the mod version because everything will be unlocked and available which you can use without restriction. You can easily escape the house because the mod version provides god mode where you will be immortal.

Hide from Granny

Granny Mod Apk is a horror and thriller game that’s why you need to be very conscious while playing this game because there will be granny roaming in the house so you have to hide from her. If you get caught by granny, then your game will be over and you have to start from zero again. That’s why you heard that granny is coming, then hide yourself under the bed. This is the only way you can escape her house.

Collect Keys

In this game you will see many different doors in which some of them will be locked and some of them will be open but you have to find them. Granny Mod Apk house is so dark so you need a touch or lamp to find different keys. But you can collect one item at a time which means if you pick a key then you have to check that key on every door.

Escape House

There is no other way to win this game because you can only win this game by escaping her house. There will be multiple ways in which you can escape the house like, helicopter, boat and door escape. But you need to work very hard to get multiple items in this game which will help you to open new doors and ways which will lead you to outside of the house. Don’t drop anything on the floor because she hears everything.

Find Clues

There will be many clues in this game which will help you to lead different items that you need to escape the house but you have to find them. But you have to be careful because if Granny Mod Apk heard anything from your side then your game will be over because she will catch you. There will be many places in this game where you can hide yourself from granny but you need to quicken your moves.

Shoot Granny

You can also shoot Granny Mod Apk but you have to find that shotgun because it will be hidden somewhere in her house. Make sure to collect the bullets too because you can only carry two bullets at one time. If you see granny roaming in the house, then you can shoot her but it will only work for two minutes because granny is immortal that’s why you cannot kill her. But shooting her will give you extra time to escape.

Horror Sounds

Granny Mod Apk game has many horror sound effects that you will listen to while playing this game. These multiple effects give a unique horror ambience which makes this game more enjoyable and entertaining. But if you don’t want to hear horror sounds then you can turn them off from the settings. So if you want a complete horror environment in a granny game then play with these horror effects.

Mod Features
God Mode

In the standard version of the granny game, you have to struggle a lot to find different items which help to unlock doors and other objects but in the mod version you don’t need to work hard. This version provides god mode where you will get everything unlocked which means all keys and clues will be completely available without any problem. So you can easily pick any items that you need to escape the house.


While playing a Granny Mod Apk game in standard version if you get hit by her then your game will be over and you have to start from zero but in mod version you will never get killed again. This mod provides an immortal feature in this game which means if granny hits you then your player will never die because you will be immortal so you can easily escape the house without any problem.

Ads Free Version

Ads annoys a lot because the standard version contains ads which will interrupt your game but that’s not a problem in the mod version. This version provides their players this game without ads. That’s why in this version you will never see pop ups and video ads in this game. So download the granny mod apk version on your device and get this game without any interruptions.


Granny Mod Apk is the best horror game available on the internet that’s why millions are experiencing suspense and horror by playing this game. It is highly recommended to those people who love to play horror games. So if you want this granny game in the latest version with all these features then download the click button and get this game. Escape the haunted house of granny and share your thoughts about this game in the comment section.


Q. How to get an unlocked granny game?

If you want an unlocked granny game, then you need to download the mod apk version of this game which you can get from our website then you will get the granny game fully unlocked.

Q. Can I play granny mod apk without the internet?

Yes! This mod version doesn’t require internet access so you can play a granny mod apk game offline anytime anywhere without any problem.

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