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Insta Cleaner Pro – for Instagram Mod APK is one of the best social media apps for promoting your business. It is also great for sharing photos and videos with your friend circle or followers.

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  8. firing table
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There is no doubt if you have great content on Insta Cleaner Pro – for Instagram Mod APK, many unwanted followers will increase. If you don’t want unwanted followers on your Instagram, You need to clean your Instagram by removing them from the follower list.

In research, We have found that many peoples need a cleaner for Instagram. The reason behind the need for a cleaner for Instagram could be anything, Whether you want to delete some followers from your account or need to mass block ghost accounts from your business Instagram account.

However, there are several Instagram cleaners available on the internet. You might get confused about which cleaner would be right for you. Don’t worry, We got your back. We have curated a list of some best Instagram cleaners for you Download Google Play.

Note: Cleaner for Instagram is a third-party app for Insta Cleaner Pro – for Instagram Mod APK and is not affiliated with Instagram Inc.

Best Cleaner for Instagram | Instagram Cleaner Apps

A good Instagram cleaner includes several features like Mass block, unblock, follow, unfollow, delete, Like, unlike posts. If you are searching for such apps, you are at the right place. Here are some best cleaners for Instagram.

  • Cleaner for Instagram
  • SpamGuard App
  • Follow Cop
  • Firing Table
  • Followers & Unfollowers
  • Unfollow Pro for Instagram
  • Unfollower for Instagram.

Insta Cleaner Pro – for Instagram Mod APK

As the name indicates, cleaner for Instagram allows you to clean your Instagram account. Cleaner for Instagram can mass unfollow people you are following. It also can delete Instagram posts that are of no use.

Do you want to, unlike the post that you liked previously? You can do it easily by using this app. Do you want to unblock or block several users without wasting time? You can easily do it with cleaner this app. This IG cleaner has a simple user interface. Any new user can operate this app comfortably. It is a lightweight app and works on almost all versions of Android.

Features of Cleaner for Instagram

  • Unlike multiple posts
  • It allows you to download all posts from your Instagram account
  • Unfollow multiple users
  • Block and Unblock multiple users
  • Ghost user detection
  • Activity logs
  • 24/7 customer support.

SpamGuard App

The number of subscribers is no longer an absolute indicator. Today, what matters is the reach and engagement of your audience. Spamguard App is an online cleaner for Instagram accounts. It comes with an anti-spam monitor feature that blocks unwanted followers and comments.

Spamguard App helps you to increase your reach, engagement, and impressions. It cleans up and protects Instagram from bots and spam. It is effective for protecting personal as well business Instagram accounts.

Features of SpamGuard App

  • Boosts the reach and engagement of your profile
  • Clean your Instagram account from bots, commercial accounts, and inactive followers.
  • Provides a detailed audience analysis
  • guide you towards organic growth
  • Helps to protect your personal data
  • Works on any device
  • Real-time protection.

Follow Cop

Follow Cop is a great Instagram cleaner app that allows you to unfollow ghost accounts on a large scale. It also shows who unfollowed you on Instagram. It keeps track of Instagram accounts that unfollowed you. It also helps you to find accounts that didn’t follow you back. It is an excellent free app for android phones.

It is excellent for identifying the accounts that use automated tools to follow you and then quietly unfollow you a week or so later. With this tool, you can immediately unfollow such accounts once you spot them.

Features of Follow Cop

  • Find your least engaging audience
  • Unfollow up to 20 people with a single click
  • It shows People who unfollowed you recently
  • Find fake followers
  • No hourly unfollow limits
  • Allows you to manage your followers easily
  • It helps you to gain more visibility on Instagram.

Firing Table

Firing table is an Instagram cleaner and Instagram growth service. They help you to grow your account organically. The firing table is highly focussed on Instagram with their account management plans to grow your account organically. They offer instead of buying Instagram followers, customers better get their service to organically grow their profile.

According to the brand, they also believe that there are no limits to the growth you can achieve. They are highly dedicated to working 24/7 to boost your Instagram account. They claim that you can have your own Instagram account management for $29.95 per month.

Features of Firing Table

  • Instagram cleaner
  • Organic Growth
  • Personal manager
  • Automated DMs
  • Auto Comments
  • Easy registration
  • Accepts PayPal.

Followers & Unfollowers

It is one of the best cleaners for Instagram. It can easily unfollow 50 people who did not follow you back in a single click. There is also an option to white-list people you don’t want to unfollow. It also has a tab that shows who’s unfollowed you in the last seven days.

It also shows you ghost followers who haven’t left any comments or likes on your last ten posts. It comes with multiple account logins. With multiple account logins, you can easily switch between different Instagram accounts.

Features of Followers & Unfollowers

  • Unfollow users who don’t follow back
  • Show users who unfollowed you recently
  • Unfollow up to 50 people with a single click
  • Multiple account logins
  • Simple UI
  • Easily switch between accounts
  • Allows you to white list users.

Unfollow Insta Cleaner Pro – for Instagram Mod APK

Unfollow Insta Cleaner Pro – for Instagram Mod APK allows you to find Unfollowers Instagram, ghost followers, your fans, and more. With Unfollow Pro for Instagram, you can Follow / Unfollow directly from the app and without limits. You can also see comments from your latest posts with Unfollowers Pro Instagram.

With Just one touch, You can Unfollow the Ghost followers, remove them from the follower’s list. Unfollowers Instagram is an easy and quick tool for you. It is an application of account data tracking, keeping you up to date about your activity. Using this app, you can track information about your account.

Features of Unfollow Pro for Instagram

  • mutual followers: who you followed and followed you back
  • ghost followers: who followed you but you not followed
  • unfollowers: who you followed but not follow you back
  • Bulk unfollow users
  • Support multiple accounts
  • You can also add users into Whitelist so that they stop appearing on your Unfollower list
  • Shows you individuals who unfollowed you lately.


These are some best cleaner apps for Instagram that allow you to clean your Instagram accounts. There are several benefits of using Instagram cleaner apps. Instagram cleaners improve your followers/following ratio, Maintain/increase your engagement rates, and Minimize the number of posts on your feed. As a result, your Instagram accounts continue to grow.


Is the Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete mod I download from this site safe?

Yes, Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete Mod APK is checked by antivirus software before uploading to the system. Our hosting server is also checked regularly to avoid any threats.

Why can’t I install Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete mod?

There are many reasons why a mod cannot be installed. 1.Your Android OS is too powerful to install the mod. 2. You have installed the original version. You need to remove it.

How to solve the problem when parsing a package?

1.You may have disabled the option “Allow installation from unknown resources”;

2.Downloaded Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete Apk mod is incomplete or damaged;

3.The application is not compatible with the hardware or operating system version you are using.

How to fix download error?

The server may be busy, you can try again later, and please don’t stop and restart quickly, it takes time to load.

How to report a bug to getsmod?

You can complain in the slide menu via email.

How to request or download a mod?

You can find them in the google with just one click.

How to install obb mod file?

getmod has improved this feature, you can install them with google with one click.

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