Nitro Nation Mod Apk v7.5.9 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

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Additional Information

Name Nitro Nation Mod Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher ApkMod
Category Racing
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 7.5.9
Size 930MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4+

Nitro Nation Mod Apk We all love cars. People out there are continuously in search of buying new cars and what not. People buy cars, Customise them according to what they like and and much more.With the development in science and technology, people can even do that on their android device with an application called Nitro Nation Mod Apk.

Table Of Contents
  1. pros and cons
  2. pros
  3. safe
  4. free of cost
  5. for all age groups
  6. cons
  7. ads
  8. heavy file size
  9. requirement
  10. features
  11. graphics
  12. sounds
  13. money free repair
  14. cars
  15. start a team
  16. different tournaments
  17. trade car parts
  18. customise controls
  19. leaderboard
  20. multiplayer
  21. personal touch
  22. fair game
  23. limited edition
  24. mod features
  25. engine
  26. maintenance cost
  27. bug fixes
  28. frequent updates
  29. how to install
  30. faqs

This is a game about racing cars with some very amazing and different features. People all around the world can have different car races just by sitting in their home. This game takes one on a very spectacular experience with some amazing features like you can now drift you car, customize it and what not. Moreover, it’s an online game and you invite your friends, join a team and win different tournaments for a spectacular experience.

It has many different kinds of real licensed cars like BMW, Mercedes Benz and many more. It’s a complete fair game with no premium upgrades, all you have to do it show your driving skills and have an amazing time. So download it and have fun. The specifications of this game are mentioned down below.

Pros and Cons



The game is absolutely virus free. It won’t cause any harm to your device.

Free of cost

This game is completely free of cost. There no hidden charges involved.

For all age groups

This game has no age limit. People of every age can enjoy this amazing game be it a child, a teenager, or an adult.



This game has some third party advertisements involved which is a negative point for
some users.

Heavy File size

This game has a very heavy file size which can stuck one’s phone and use much storage.


This game requires 1.5 Gb in internal storage.



The graphics of this game are absolutely amazing giving one a cinematic feeling.
It feels like you’re acting driving a car in person.


The sounds of this game are great. It given one a very energetic feeling.

Money free repair

Moreover, this game require no money in order to repair your car which sound great. You won’t have to spend anything in order to repair your damaged car.


There is a large quantity of licensed cars to choose from. For example BMW, Mercedes Benz and much more. Users can now ride on their favourite car and race.

Start a team

Moreover, users can now start their own team by inviting friends for joining tournaments and having a great time.

Different tournaments

Users also get a chance to enter different tournaments and win them. There are different tournaments likes weekly regional tournaments and much more.

Trade car parts

Moreover, users get to trade car parts with races and build their very own dream car for many different kind of races like drag and drift.

Customise controls

Users can also Customise controls according to their will. Your driving skills are the one that will make you win.


Check the leaderboard ranking and beat your competitors to be on the top for different prizes.


This game also has a multiplayer racing mode. You can now challenge your friends and play against them for a good competition.

Personal touch

This game also provides the users with a personal touch option. Users can now choose their favourite paint, add different parts and give their car a unique look according to their own taste.

Fair game

This game is completely fair. It requires no fuel, no premium upgrades. Every vehicle is competitive in its own way and your match only depends on your driving skills, nothing else.

Limited Edition

There are Many limited edition games in this game too I’m different occasions.

Mod features


In the mod version of this game, the users cars engine never blows, which sounds really cool.

Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost in the apk version is very less which is quite a plus point.

Bug fixes

All the technical issues that this game was facing have now been solved.

Frequent updates

This game provides its users with frequent updates making it much easier for the users to play since they won’t have to wait longer for new features or any bug fixes.

How to install?

In order to download this game Google Play, there are only a few steps that you need to follow.

Step 1

Go to the settings of your phone and enable ‘unknown sources’

Step 2

Go to the link you want to download this game from, tap on it and start downloading.

Step 3

Go to the file manager and search for ‘nitro nation mod apk’. Once you find this file, click on
it to the installation process.

Step 4

Once the game is installed, you will see the game icon on your home screen. Open the
the app, and start racing all around the world.

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Q. What is the file size of this game?

This file size of this game is 37.8Mb + 467Mb.

Q. What is the requirement of this game?

The requirement of this game is that is requires 1.5Gb of internal stooge.

Q. Are there different tournaments involved in this game?

Yes. There are many different tournaments involved in this game for example the weekly regional tournaments and much more.

Q. How many users have downloaded this game?

This game has been downloaded by 50M+ users.

Q. Are there frequent updates?

Yes. This game is updated frequently.

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