Pink YouTube Mod Apk v17.48.40 (MOD for Android)

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Name Pink YouTube Mod Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher ApkMod
Category Video Players
MOD Features for Android
Version 17.48.40
Size 65.63MB
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

You might have never heard about Pink YouTube Mod Apk before whilst you know what a YouTube app is. Pink YouTube Mod APK is an advanced version of YouTube which is available in a pink colored theme. As you have seen, YouTube is always available in the red color so it is quite new for the users to enjoy.

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  1. what is pink youtube apk
  2. what is pink youtube mod apk
  3. what is youtube red apk
  4. how to install youtube pink mod apk
  5. what is youtube vanced apk
  6. pink youtube mod apk features
  7. videos playable in background
  8. pink colored theme
  9. dark mode
  10. adjust screen brightness
  11. cast with tv
  12. no advertisements
  13. offline youtube videos
  14. play on loop
  15. no regional restrictions
  16. conclusion
  17. faqs

Pink YouTube Mod Apk has a number of new features such as you can watch videos in the background without keeping the app active, you can also download the YouTube videos and you can also enjoy watching the videos on your TV using the cast feature.

With such a number of things Pink YouTube Mos APK has to offer, there is a large list of details that you must know about it. Let’s have a look at things written in this article to learn more.

What is Pink YouTube APK

Pink YouTube Mod APK is a version of YouTube official that is used to play online videos. There is a large collection of the YouTube videos and channels that you can watch after downloading Pink YouTube Mod APK. This version provides the users with a pink colored theme and an opportunity to play the videos in the background.

If you want to use this app then it is free to download and you can get it easily. Plus you can also enjoy an ad-free experience with Pink YouTube Mod Apk. You can also adjust the screen brightness easily without closing the current playing videos in this app.

What is Pink YouTube Mod APK

The Pink YouTube Mod APK is an advanced and modified version of Pink YouTube Mod Apk. If you want to watch free content without any worries and subscription, then Pink YouTube Mod Apk is the best source for you. Apart from all this, the respective app is playable without having to watch the annoying ads.

What is YouTube Red APK?

YouTube Red APK is an advanced version too just like the YouTube Pink. It has blocked all the ads that are shown in between the videos or overall on YouTube. This version is also free to download and users do enjoy this app much more than the YouTube original.

How to Install YouTube Pink Mod Apk?

You can install the YouTube Pink Mod Apk very easily by just finding the downloading link from any valid website. Then you can click on the link to install this app further. In this way YouTube Pink will be installed very easily on your smartphone.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

YouTube Vanced stands for advanced, and it is surely a better version of the original app. You can check out this app and install it as it offers features like no ads, playing videos in background and dark them

Pink YouTube Mod Apk Features

Videos Playable in Background

The simplest and most favorite feature of this app is playing videos in the background. The users often like to play songs videos on YouTube and play their games or use other apps on their phone. You cannot do this thing with the regular app of YouTube.

However, now you can avail this feature and enjoy it by playing videos in the background and switching to another app. You can enjoy your favorite videos while you also open and use other applications on your smartphone.

Pink Colored Theme

The pink colored theme in this app is a very interesting thing that has put users into curiosity. The users are now able to use their YouTube app in a pink color that looks highly attractive. You will love this color a lot and enjoy using YouTube this beautiful color. Girls would definitely love this version of YouTube even more.

Dark Mode

The dark mode in YouTube has made the lives of many people easier. Remember when you had to affect your eyesight to enjoy your favorite shows but now you only need to turn on the dark mode to turn your screen into darker color. With the help of this feature you will have a calm, tension free and easy experience with watching YouTube videos without affecting your eyesight much.

Adjust Screen Brightness

The screen brightness adjustment is also available in this app that can be done with the use of one slide only. On the video you can slide your finger up to increase the brightness, and down to lower it down. It is definitely an effective and helpful feature to fix the brightness as per your desire without leaving the video.

Cast with TV

You can also cast your pink YouTube mod apk app with the Smart TV to watch the same YouTube videos on the bigger screen. It is obviously not comfortable to watch an entire movie on a mobile phone screen which is why the television can provide you with an opportunity to watch the same videos in larger mode. Therefore Pink YouTube Mod Apk is considered to be a valid and useful application for online video streaming.

No Advertisements

There are no ads literally in this app. You will never see any annoying ads in this app and videos will never be boring anymore. Whatever the videos you watch, you will properly enjoy them while no ads will disturb your streaming experience.

Offline YouTube Videos

You can also downlaod the YouTube vidros so you can stream them in an offline mode. If you are planning to watch videos later without internet, then you can easily avail this feature to play the videos later in the absence of internet connection.

Play on Loop

The YouTube videos van be played repeatedly on Pink YouTube Mod Apk. Your videos will never stop repeating themselves unless you change the settings again. In this way you become able to play the same thing again and again.

No Regional Restrictions

There are regional restrictions applied if you are not belonging to a certain country. With YouTube Pink you won’t have to experience this issue anymore. You can watch videos of other countries that were earlier restricted because they were not playable in your region. That’s how you can watch all those videos that are not playable in your country because this limit has been removed in this app.


Pink YouTube Mod Apk is an app that you must try if you like to watch videos on YouTube. There are a number of features that you have been missing on and you should try them. Our team highly recommends this app to download and use in your smartphone to see how good its features are. The download link is now available on our website which you can follow to download this app within no time. Write down your feedback in the comment section given below and share your feedback with us.


Q. What is the best feature of Pink YouTube Mod APK?

The best feature of Pink YouTube Mod Apk is that it allows you to play YouTube videos in the background. It means now you can use other applications too along with playing the YouTube videos.

Q. How to Download Pink YouTube Mod APK on PC?

You can download Pink YouTube Mod Apk on PC by just downloading an Android emulator on your PC first. Then after activating it you can download this app and play videos very easily.

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