School Days Mod Apk v1.24 (MOD, Unlocked, no ads)

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Name School Days Mod Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher MOD APK
Category Simulation
MOD Features Unlocked, no ads
Version 1.24
Size 26 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4+

School Days Mod Apk is an awesome school simulator game where you do exactly what a student does in school. It is a 3D game based on a real time school simulator. In this game, you can attend scheduled classes, participate in school activities and do different stuff at school. Graphics of this game are average but it runs smoothly on all android devices. You can also interact with other people in the game while going to school.

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  6. unique gameplay
  7. 100 free
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  9. no ads
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Gameplay is so unique and fun that you can enjoy playing it for hours. Select your subjects in school which you want to read and score high in those subjects to become the best student in school. Enjoy school life again and do different stuff such as student’s fake love. This game is completely free to download and if you want to get free resources and a modified version, then stick with us in this article to know more.

What is the School Days APK?

School Days Mod Apk is a great school simulator with unique gameplay. Enjoy school life again and indulge yourself in school activities such as attending classes, doing school stuff, falling in love and more. You have to start your day from leaving the bed and going to school. Explore the city and interact with other people in the game. It has great simple graphics with cool visual effects and animations. It has simple controls with buttons. You can use those control buttons to perform various actions. Free to download and play games with lots of more features.

What is the School Days Mod APK?

School Days Mod Apk is the hacked version of the game where everything is fully unlocked. If you want to fully customise your student or want to become the best student quickly, then get this mod and enjoy the gameplay. Get unlimited money in the game and do whatever you want without any problem. All ads are fully removed from the game to give clean gaming experience. Get good grades in school and easily pass all the exams without any preparation.

Unique Story

The School Days Mod Apk game has a unique storyline where you can choose to be the student of your choice. The story depends on you whether you want to be a bright student or a notorious student. You can bully other students or get bullied by them. Fall in love with the girls and make them your girlfriends in the game. You can attend classes or bund classes for your plans. Participate in school activities and get good grades if you want to be promoted to the next class.

Easy Controls

Controls are the only way to do different things in game. This awesome game has easy controls where you can use the touchscreen of your device to use the controls. There are buttons on the screen and each button has different actions such as pick, punch and fight. You can move the joystick to control your character in game. Controls are fully optimised and buttons will automatically adjust accordingly to the screen size of your device.

Simple Graphics

The School Days game has simple graphics which are fully optimised for low-end android devices. You can play the game at full speed because of simple and optimised graphics. Visual effects and animations make the game more interesting. Graphics are simple because developers wanted to make things look funny in school. Developers regularly send the updates to keep the game smooth.

Unique Gameplay

You will never find such a game anywhere because it is totally based on school life which everyone wants to enjoy. Gameplay is so unique and fun because you do different stuff at school. Take part in various school activities. Bund classes and hangout with friends to bully other students in game. Make friends in school and do fake student love to recreate any of your memories related to real life. This game is so interesting and anyone can play for fun.

100% Free

School Days is a free to download and play game on android platform. There is no need to pay for anything in order to download and play this game till last. It is absolutely a safe game and does not contain any type of virus or anything which can harm your device. Developers keep the game highly optimised to deliver a better gameplay experience.

Unlimited Money

School Days Mod has unlimited money for a player which gives you a sense of freedom to do anything in game. Unlimited money in the game will let you buy whatever you want for free. You can visit in-game stores and buy different items for free. It is an absolutely safe mod version and does not cause any problem for your device.

No Ads

Ads can be so annoying because it causes interruption in gameplay and people do not like them at all. This modified version will give you a clean gameplay experience. There will be no ad in the game because this hack has removed all the annoying ads from the game. You can easily get this mod game from our site and install to enjoy some extra perks which the standard version does not have.


School Days Mod Apk is a great game for those who miss their school life. It is a real-time simulator and you are a student in the game. Get up early and go to school for your scheduled classes. Select your subjects and become the notorious student in the school. Bully other students or get bullied in games. Get the modified version and enjoy unlimited resources in the game. Everything in the game is fully unlocked and you do not need to invest anything.

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Q. What is the size of School Days Mod Apk?

This is a lightweight game and does not consume large storage on the device. You can easily install it in 200 MB of storage.

Q. How to get free School Days Mod Apk?

Visit our site and get the mod version of the game for free without problem.

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