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Name Sketchar Mod APK
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Publisher MOD APK
Category Art & Design
MOD Features Art & Design
Version 6.36.2
Size 97 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4+

SketchAR Mod APK is an application that supports drawing artistic pictures thanks to powerful AR technology. Besides, the efficiency will be significantly increased with the appearance of the built-in intelligent AI system that allows you to create the most vivid and realistic drawings. Are you ready to turn your sketch ideas into artistic paintings?

Table Of Contents
  1. sketchar a drawing support application thanks to ai and ar technology
  2. create sketches from modern ar technology
  3. start with the most basic steps
  4. provides many great drawing tools
  5. large art community
  6. how to install sketchar mod apk
  7. download sketchar mod apk for android
  8. features
  9. freely turn your images into sketches
  10. make everyone amazed by your sketchwork
  11. take the interesting drawing lessons for polishing skills
  12. choose from beginners to expert levels and sketch accordingly
  13. massive sketches inspiration library
  14. play mini games in app to get rid of boredom
  15. mod features
  16. pro version unlocked
  17. get rid of ads
  18. conclusion
  19. faqs

SketchAR – A drawing support application thanks to AI and AR technology

Painting is a hobby of many people around the world, but not everyone has the gift of drawing and creating great works of art. Now, you can use SketchAR to create beautiful works with the help of AR and AI technology. Basically, this is an application designed specifically for users who like to draw but cannot draw a complete picture.

In addition, the SKETCHAR publisher also integrates a number of advanced features to make its products more suitable for a wide range of users, including professional artists. This application will bring sketches on different surfaces for you to freely edit according to your needs. Currently, you can download SketchAR through App Store or Google Play for immediate use.

Create sketches from modern AR technology

The AR technology built into SketchAR Mod APK will help you create sketches from what happens in everyday life. More specifically, you can use the camera on your device to capture the details you want to sketch, and then apply the photo to the app to convert it into an AR sketch instantly.

All details of the sketch appear on the phone screen. At this point, you can use a suitable pencil inside the application to trace the virtual lines and create a complete picture. Note, you need to use a fully detailed photo with a well-lit background for the AI ​​technology in the application to work best and create a complete sketch. If the image is out of balance, the system will not fully recognize the available details.

Start with the most basic steps

If you are a person who does not have too much knowledge about drawing, do not worry, because SketchAR will help you perfect from the most basic steps. Basically, this application provides users with great drawing courses. You just need to choose your favorite course to start learning right away. You can start with specific topics like portraits, anime, cartoons, animals, and more.

At the same time, you can visit the Library section in the application to find thousands of sketches in many different categories. These sketches are contributed by the SketchAR user community, among them are world-famous artists. However, if you are a novice, you should not choose professional sketches because there are many details that you cannot complete without knowledge of painting.

Provides many great drawing tools

SketchAR Mod APK understands the necessary drawing process without the help of useful drawing tools. Therefore, this application has provided all the tools related to the painting process for you to choose and draw as you like. These are common tools like markers, brushes, and pencils.

At the same time, you can use the eraser tool to erase excess lines on your photo instantly. Not only stopping there but a vivid color palette is also added to this application for users to freely choose the right color. You should be equipped with the knowledge of color mixing. So you can create new types of colors instead of existing original colors.

Large art community

The art community in SketchAR Mod APK is becoming more and more crowded and dedicated to new users. This is a place for you to share great pictures with the community or personal achievements with friends and people around. After completing any work, it will be saved in the application profile. You can access and review it anytime you like. Besides, do not forget to follow the artworks of other authors to learn more about painting experiences. Overall, creating a large community in this application will help art enthusiasts around the world to share knowledge and learn from each other.

How to install SketchAR Mod APK

  1. Uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it before. Then proceed to install our MOD version.
  2. Click on the APK and MOD versions at the bottom of this article.
  3. Start installing the downloaded APK or MOD file and wait until the process is finished.
  4. The application icon will appear with the words “SketchAR by MODDED-1.COM”. Then you just need to enter to experience this application.
  5. This guide will assist users with both the original APK version and the MOD version at this site.

Download SketchAR Mod APK for Android

SketchAR is not the first technology-based painting application on the market today. But we believe it will fully meet your usage needs. Now, you just need to take pictures of the objects you want to draw and follow the available instructions to create satisfactory works of art. Also, you should download the MOD version on our website to use more powerful features.


Freely Turn Your Images into Sketches

You can freely turn your images into brilliant sketches and this is a very easy task because this application will provide you with so many interesting options that you will be able to create phenomenal sketches.

Make Everyone Amazed by Your Sketchwork

You can make everyone amazed by your sketch work because here in this application you will be getting so many opportunities that you can make wonderful sketches of different people and even objects. So that you can easily make the people amazed and overwhelmed.

Take the Interesting Drawing Lessons for Polishing Skills

You can also take the interesting drawing lessons which will help you to learn how to do sketching. You will learn not soft things from this application and it will actually guide you about how to draw different objects. You will be getting the courses that are designed by the special people who are proficient in Arts and craft.

Choose from Beginners to Expert Levels and Sketch Accordingly

You can choose the beginner courses that are very basic and if you are new to arts and craft then you should definitely choose the beginner courses for yourself. However if you think that you are expert enough then you should go for the expert levels and there you will learn many extraordinary features and you will be able to master the arts and crafts and sketching easily.

Massive Sketches Inspiration Library

In this application you will find that there is a massive sketch library. You will find lots of the cheese tutorials available over there you can make sketches of various animals and you can also draw sketches of different people.

Play Mini Games in App to Get Rid of Boredom

You can also play mini games in this application whenever you want to get rid of the boredom. It is very obvious and you when you will spend lots of time in doing sketching then definitely you will feel bored. So there are so many games which you can comfortably play and in this way you can get rid of the boredom easily.

Mod Features

Pro Version Unlocked

You can get the premium and pro version completely unlocked in the modified version.

Get Rid of Ads

You can get rid of all the advertisements in the modified version of the application.


Sketchar Mod Apk is a great application where you will learn how to do sketching and you will also be able to polish your sketching skills if you are already a good sketcher. So if you have interest in arts and craft this is a great app for you.


Q. Is Sketchar Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Sketchar Mod Apk is absolutely free to download.

Q. Can I download Sketchar Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download Sketchar Mod Apk on your android tablet.

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