Soccer SuperStars MOD APK v0.1.65 (MOD, Unlimited Lifes, Free Rewind)

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Name Soccer SuperStars MOD APK
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher ApkMod
Category Sports
MOD Features Unlimited Lifes, Free Rewind
Version 0.1.64
Size 93MB
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

It is a game for all Soccer SuperStars Mod Apk lovers. In this game, you will see some real football players, but you have to unlock them. This game is very indulging, and all the team players and the goalkeeper are very immersive. It is not an easy play, so you have to devise many strategies to throw your ball into the net. This game provides you with a realistic soccer environment.

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  1. what is the soccer superstars apk
  2. soccer superstars mod apk
  3. why download soccer superstars mod apk
  4. what are the best features of soccer superstars mod apk
  5. 3d graphics
  6. simple soccer gameplay
  7. practice mode available
  8. various players
  9. choose players depending upon attributes
  10. buy new players
  11. play offline
  12. whats new in soccer superstars mod apk
  13. unlimited lives
  14. rewind available
  15. unlimited gold
  16. no ads
  17. how to download soccer superstars mod apk
  18. conclusion
  19. faqs

It also provides a practice mode where you can learn about the controls of this game. Whenever you try to choose a player in this game, it will let you know about their player’s attributes. For example, the shooting style, the fitness, and the skills.

What is the Soccer SuperStars APK

Soccer superstars Mod Apk is a game where you can play soccer on realistic soccer Grounds. In this game, you are going to see some realistic physics and the goalkeeper and other players are also very indulged in the gameplay. That’s why you have to apply your strategies to throw the ball into the net. This game also includes realistic players and provides you with the stats of every player so you can choose the best one.

Soccer SuperStars MOD APK

What is the Mod of Soccer SuperStars Mod APK?
The Mod of the Soccer SuperStars Mod Apk game provides unlimited lives, which means if you ever fail a level, you can start it again. You also get free rewinds that allow you to play a particular move again if you miss any shots. This version is also free from ads and provides a better interface.

Why download Soccer SuperStars MOD APK?

Soccer SuperStars Mod Apk is a better choice if you want to progress in this game because, in this mode version, you are getting unlimited lives, which means you will not have to start the game from the first level if you lose a life. It also helps you get a free rewind to make your shots perfect, and all these things are completely free.

What are the best features of Soccer SuperStars MOD APK

3D Graphics

This game contains 3D graphics and the realistic gameplay of soccer, where you can see the audience cheering for your goals, and the team players are also very indulged.

Simple Soccer gameplay

This game contains a simple soccer game where you just have to throw the football into the net in the fastest manner.

Practice Mode available

A practice mode is also available in this game that helps you get familiar with the controls. In this way, you can easily move your character.

Various players

This game has different kinds of players, including some realistic Soccer players that you have to unlock.

Choose players depending upon attributes

This game provides the stats of every player, so you can easily choose the best player for your team.

Buy new players

You can also buy new players in this game with the help of the gold currency that you collect in this game.

Play Offline

This game also contains a solo mode, where you can play it without any internet connection. But if you want to play multiplayer mode, you must get an internet connection.

What’s new in Soccer SuperStars MOD APK?

Unlimited Lives

In Soccer superstars Mod APK, you will get unlimited lives, so you do not have to start the game all over again if you fail.

Rewind Available

You can find your moves at any time to make a better shot.

Unlimited Gold

You are going to have unlimited gold currency in the Soccer SuperStars Mod APK. You can use this game currency to buy new players.

No ads

The modified version of this game is completely free from ads and interruptions.

How to download Soccer SuperStars MOD APK

You can follow these simple steps to get this app on your device. First, you have to go to your device’s settings and enable downloads from unknown sources. Afterward, you can return to this article and click on the download link. By doing so, the soccer superstars Mod APK will start downloading on your device.


This game contains all the different elements of soccer gameplay, and if you want to get your favorite footballer, you can buy it with the help of gold currency. To get extra lives and free rewind in this game, you can download Soccer SuperStars Mod APK.


Q. How do you learn about players’ attributes in Soccer SuperStars?

Whenever you click on a player, that player’s attributes will be on your screen.

Q. Is Soccer SuperStars MOD APK available on the Google Play store?

No, the Soccer Superstars Mod APK is unavailable on the Google Play Store.

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