Truecaller Gold Mod Apk v12.59.5 (Premium, Gold Member Unlocked)

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Name Truecaller Premium Gold Mod Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher ApkMod
Category Communication
MOD Features Premium, Gold Member Unlocked
Version 12.59.5
Size 94.90MB
Price FREE
Requires Android All+

We all received spam calls and text messages which irritates a lot. That’s why we are going to show you an app in which you can control all spam calls and messages without any problem. Truecaller Premium MOD APK is that application which has many great features which you can use to manage all calls and messages. This application is very popular because it helps people to avoid spam calls. That’s why it has millions of active users around the world.

Table Of Contents
  1. what is truecaller gold apk
  2. what is truecaller gold mod apk
  3. caller id
  4. blocking option
  5. call recording
  6. spam call detection
  7. no ads
  8. unlimited call recording
  9. features
  10. avoid spam calls by knowing caller id and location
  11. feel free to do call recording
  12. notification of profile view
  13. use the incognito mode and dark mode
  14. chat and call anyone simply fastly and safely
  15. mod features
  16. limitless call recording
  17. all ads blocked
  18. advantages
  19. disadvantages
  20. how to install truecaller gold apk on android
  21. conclusion
  22. final words
  23. faqs

Truecaller premium gold app gives their users complete protection against scammers because this app identifies the caller. Before picking the call you will come to know about that person. This app has many other useful options like you can record any call or you can block numbers that you don’t want without letting them know.

Truecaller is so authentic that it shows you the real name and location of any number so you will never get scammed. This application is very lightweight; it only requires small space storage of your mobile phone. You can install this app on any smart device and it will give you the best response because developers of truecaller have made it fully optimized.

What is Truecaller Gold Apk?

Truecaller Gold Apk will allow you to avoid all the spam calls and it will provide you the caller ID and location so that you can be more careful about who is calling you.This is a great way of avoiding all the spam calls. You can also block the people who irritate you and you can also do call recording freely. You can use the Incognito mode of the application and also you can switch to the dark mode if you want. It will be in your hand to customise your application in any way you want.

What is Truecaller Gold Mod Apk?

Truecaller Gold Mod Apk will allow you to record your calls as much as you want and it will also remove all the advertisements so that you can conveniently use this application without any interruption.

Is Truecaller Gold Mod Apk safe app?

Yes, Truecaller Gold Mod Apk is a very safe and sound app.

Can I record calls by using Truecaller Gold Mod Apk?

Yes, you can easily record all your calls using Truecaller Gold Mod Apk.

Can I get Caller’s location in Truecaller Gold Mod Apk?

Yes, you can know about caller’s location in Truecaller Gold Mod Apk.

Caller ID

This is the main feature of truecaller app because it helps you to know about the caller by showing his real name. If someone is irritating you by calling then don’t worry because now you can use truecaller premium gold application to know about that person with his real caller ID. This feature is very responsive and gives quick results.

Blocking Option

This feature of truecaller is very useful because we all get unwanted calls which disturbed us but now you can block those unwanted calls with the help of truecaller application. You can easily block any number then you will never receive any text or call from that number.

Call Recording

There are many applications which give this feature but for limited time but now with truecaller premium gold app you can record any call without any time duration. There will be no limitations in the premium version of this app so you are free to go as long as you want.

Spam Call Detection

This is a very advanced feature of truecaller premium gold app because it tells you about the spam call in it. You can easily find the name of that person who’s calling you with this amazing feature. If you also want to protect yourself from spammers then truecaller premium gold is best.

No Ads

In the simple version of truecaller you have to pay to remove ads but in the mod version you don’t have to pay them because this version is completely free from all kinds of ads. You will never get disturbed while using it in the mod version.

Unlimited Call Recording

To get this unlimited call recording feature in the standard version you have to pay for them but in the modified version you don’t need to spend your money because everything will be free. You can record unlimited calls in the mod version.


Avoid Spam Calls by Knowing Caller ID and Location

You can simply avoid all the spam calls and can get to know about the caller ID and location so if you get any call from an unknown person then you will get to know who is calling and also you will find from where the person is calling.

Detect Spam Calls Easily and Get Access to the Blocking Option

You can easily detect the spam calls and get access to block any person who is unknown to you. So feel free to use the feature of blocking and do not hesitate in blocking the unknown and stranger people who are bothering your peace.

Feel Free to do Call Recording

You can do call recording in any way you want. The application will fully support you if you want to record your important calls so that you can keep a record of them and listen to them anytime because usually the calls are not recorded.

Notification of Profile View

You can also get the notification about who has viewed your profile in this way you will get to know about every person who is viewing your profile and the application will update you like wise so that you can never miss any small detail about your profile.

Use the Incognito Mode and Dark Mode

You can also use the Incognito mode and it will help you a lot because then you can do a variety of tasks very simply. You can also use the dark mode of the application if the light mode is not suitable for you. It is up to the user how he wants to change the mode of the application.

Chat and Call Anyone Simply, Fastly and Safely

You can chat and call anyone so simply and fastly it will also be a very safe thing to do because this application is so safe and secure that people feel very much calm and comforted by using it.

Mod Features

Limitless Call Recording

You can do limitless recording of your calls when you are using the Mod version. In this way the call recording feature will never end.

All Ads Blocked

All advertisements will get blocked for the best convenience of the users so that they do not have to face any problem.


Call recordings
Blocking option
Caller ID
Fully safe and secured
Dark mode
Protection from scammers
Easy to use
No Advertisements
Great user interface


Have to pay to get premium version

How to Install Truecaller Gold APK on Android?

Step 1

Download Truecaller Gold APK from our site.

Step 2

Open the APK file and allow download from Google Play.

Step 3

Go back to the same location and open it.

Step 4

Install the app.

Step 5

Open the app, login, and start to enjoy the application.


Truecaller premium gold is a very useful application because it saves you from spam calls and text messages. You can use this application to block unwanted calls and best this is that it shows you the real name or ID of any number.

Truecaller is a highly recommended app so if you also want to protect your number then download this application from our website. Before you leave make sure to write your thoughts in the comment section about truecaller.

Final words

Unused data, spam, anonymous SMS, and external SMS transactions are always blocked before you connect to your Truecaller Premium Gold APK phone. You can close unwanted friends without intervening to deal with them.

Truecaller Premium Gold APK is a program for ringing phone calls with known messages, blocking unnecessary phone calls, shows names and photos, or puts them on your list. Consequently, this is a great application for your Android device. See the homepage for more information on it.Truecaller Gold Mod Apk is a wonderful application that has been perfectly designed for the people who are always concerned about getting spam calls so that they can get to know about the caller ID and can also block them right away.


Q. How to get the Truecaller Premium Gold version for free?

If you are looking for the premium gold version of truecaller app then you have to download this application in modified version because only this version gives full access.

Q. How to get premium features of TrueCaller for free?

For this purpose, you have to download the truecaller application in the mod version, then you will get all the premium features of this app for free.

Q. Is Truecaller Gold Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, Truecaller Gold Mod Apk is absolutely safe to use.

Q. Can I use Truecaller Gold Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can use Truecaller Gold Mod Apk on your android tablet.

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