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Version v9.65.7-release.0
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Twitter Mod Apk networks are the top trending source of knowledge and entertainment. People nowadays get all updates about current affairs from different social applications. One of the best applications that displays the top matters of the world is Twitter. It is like a digital newspaper.

Table Of Contents
  1. what is twitter apk
  2. what is twitter mod apk
  3. profile
  4. follow interest
  5. get followed
  6. tweets
  7. search engine
  8. retweet
  10. join groups
  11. live audio conversation
  12. no paid subscription
  13. ads free
  14. conclusion
  15. faqs
  16. q can you hide your tweets from unknown users
  17. q can you use your same account on different devices

It has all the latest news concerning different platforms of life like education, politics, sports and almost everything. It has great features like other social media networks. Twitter is a very famous app with more than billions of users using it all around the world.

The user interface you get is very easy to handle. You can understand and use every setting options and customize your account. Viewing timeline is actually a fun activity, many people spend more than half of their day scrolling on it.


Twitter Mod Apk The real version Twitter APK is available on internet for both Android and iOS users. You can download it for free but needs to purchase the premium settings. It is a widely used social media platform and almost everyone has their profile on it.

People upload their thoughts on tweets. You can follow your favorite celebrities and get followed by various users who like your content. It is a very secure application with minimum risk. Almost every trending social or economical issue is discuss here.


The Twitter MOD APK is the modified version of the original application also available online for downloading. It is a complete secure application and has no bugs issue. You can download it from our website for free.

All the premium features of the apk app is free in it. You can use the VIP package without paying the subscription fees. You can tweet, retweet, comment, join different communities and go live with this version also.


Twitter Mod Apk You need to create your profile on it  by entering some personal information. You can customize your profile by uploading impressive profile photos and unique user names.


This app allows you to follow your favorite person, friends and family. Once you create your account you will find all famous people like Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Elon Musk and many other. Follow the one you admire.


You Twitter Mod Apk can make good following on it also. Share the best tweets, funny memes and your opinion on all current happenings around the world. It can make you famous and people will follow you.


The timeline shows all the tweets by your followings, different recommendations and all tending topics. You can change the settings to view the latest one or the most trendy one.


Tweets are the uploaded written message you can upload a pic alongside also. It could be funny, serious or related to sports, religion, showbiz, economy, politics or something else.


There you get a search engine from where you can directly find all the trending hashtags and accounts. You just need to search a hashtag and all related tweets will be shown. Similarly enter their user name and related accounts will displayed.


Twitter Mod Apk If you want to criticize or appreciate a persons tweet you can retweet it. It will be uploaded on your account and you can share your opinion on it.


It also has a feature of comments for its every tweet. You can share your thoughts in the comments section and also learn other’s point of view on it.


You can join different groups with users same mindset as yours. There are different groups based on different themes join the them and be more social.


You can start a live audio conversation on it. Also you can join a live audio chat by sharing your point with your voice.


It has no paid subscriptions all the apk paid settings are free in the modified version. You can use all the premium features freely.


The Twitter Mod Apk application has no advertisements popping issue. You won’t get disturbed while scrolling your timeline.


Twitter Mod Apk is the most famous social media application used worldwide. People from famous celebrities to school kids everyone use it. It provides you all the latest news about every country and their current concerns.

It is a great application for staying up-to-date about everything happening around you. It has a lot of features that you must explore.


Q. Can you hide your tweets from unknown users?

A1. Yes, you can hide your tweets from strangers by allowing only your followers to view your tweets from account settings.

Q. Can you use your same account on different devices?

A2. Twitter support all Android and iOS devices including mobiles, iPhone, iPad, laptops and PCs. You just need to login with your account on them.

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